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Are you a flower admirer? We completely understand your love for flowers. You'll be delighted with our fantastic custom baskets. In addition, we make seasonal hanging baskets as well as containers. Lopez Landscaping Service is located in Aloha, OR. We look forward to seeing you!

Decorate Your Space with Flowers in Baskets

Get a Charming Look for Your Home with Our

Wicker Baskets

Our seasonal baskets and containers can be used for keeping flowers and for decorative purposes. They can be placed in your offices, commercial spaces, residences, eaves, outdoor patios and accent desk areas. Our baskets are available in several sizes and colors. You can choose the right size, according to your requirements.

We have both hanging baskets and containers that you can place in your front yard. Take a look at our baskets available in different designs and colors for keeping beautiful flowers and plants. You can also check out our lovely wicker baskets.


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Wonderful Hanging Baskets for Your Yard

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